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    Umbrella@Microsystems is the UK’s leading umbrella company.

    Umbrella@Microsystems specialises in offering contractors a compliant PAYE Umbrella Service.

    Umbrella@Microsystems was established in 1997 by an IT contractor for other contractors as a result of the load of paperwork and hassle involved with contracting.

    The purpose of an umbrella service  company is to undertake and manage administrative tasks, payments and all paper work for the contractor, So the contractor is able to concentrate on the job fully and not be distracted.

    Microsystems becomes your employer for the duration of the contract. Microsystems enters into a contract with the agency or directly with the client and manages all the taxes and fees. Does all the paper work and then pay you. This ensures you are always compliant with all taxes and other legalities in Europe in general and  the United Kingdom in particular.

    Contractors are paid as soon as Microsystems is paid and in some instances where you have been with us for some time, Microsystems can pay you in advance in cases where the client pays after a month or longer. This removes the pressure of borrowing money to enable you meet with transport to get to work and for lunch.

    Microsystems is competitive and we do look after all our contractors. Microsystems will send you pay advise by email, text you when you have been paid and send you at the end of the financial year your P60 or tax certificate. Microsystems pays all your taxes on your behalf. There are four taxes involved and these are Income tax, Personal NI, Company contributed NI.

    We provide you with a personal assistant to manage all aspects of your business account and ensure that you legally claim all appropriate expenses whilst ensuring that you are fully HMRC compliant. This way you can work more efficiently and therefore more profitably.

    Our aim is to provide efficient payment solutions for contractors through excellent customer service and first- Class compliant products. Umbrella@Microsystems are a totally independent organisation committed to providing information, advice and guidance to contractors.

    Working in any industry, with particular expertise in the Education, Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Medical and Retail sectors. We seek to help contractors maximise their income and minimise their taxation. We work on a one-to-one personal basis with each contractor, providing a rapid response to any questions, ensuring swift and prompt payment and offering full administrative backup for all aspects of your contract. For a personalised illustration of how much you can save with our payment solutions, click on our Calculator too lor contact our expert advisors

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